The city of Colleyville’s recreation center gymnasium renovations should be completed by the spring.

Assistant City Manager Mark Wood provided an update on the project during the work session prior to the Feb. 6 city council meeting.

The city of Colleyville purchased the former Covenant Church for $8.5 million in September 2022 and planned to invest $1.5 million in renovations.

The details

Wood said the roof replacement at the recreation center should be finished by the end of February and the gym has a completion date of May 2024. Irrigation, landscaping and a fence along Glade Road is expected to be finished in the winter of 2024. A contract has been award to study road enhancements at Glade Road and Roberts Road near the community to see if there is a need for a traffic signal or road widening, Wood said.

The city has a question on the May 4 election to see if there is interest in using bonds to enhance the community center.

“The reason [it is on the ballot] is because that master planning process that makes sure that any such effort fits into a bigger, long-term plan is substantial,” City Manager Jerry Ducay said. “That takes time and it's expensive to do. So, the thought here is, we don't want to spend that money and go through that if there's not interest by the citizens. This is the citizens telling us proceed along that path, or don't, and that's why the question is being posed this way, this year.”

A closer look

Wood said the city is saving money on the renovations inside the former church by having city employees do the work.

He cited four different areas where the city’s cost compared to the estimates from architects.
  • The administration office/lobby had an estimated cost of $710,000 and the city’s cost has been $45,200
  • The annex/voting center with an estimated cost of $100,000 and actual cost of $17,500
  • Classroom expansion for $400 that had an estimated cost of $10,000
  • Transition of a nursery to a group fitness room was estimated to cost $36,000 and the city has spent $5,000
“Just doing this alone is saving us a ton of money,” Wood said.

He said the voting center should be completed before the start of early voting on Feb. 20.

Some of the notable projects has been the removal of a concrete stage, addition of an ADA-compliant restrooms and fixing water leaks in the roof.

What else?

Also discussed during the session was to get a consensus on what the basketball court floor would look like. Wood presented two options, one with the city of Colleyville’s logo at mid-court, and the other had the letters "CV" at mid-court. That latter was the preferred option from council. The basketball court will also have a red accent wall with the word Colleyville on it.