Updates to two Grapevine facilities are in the works after Grapevine City Council approved two design contracts.

Both contracts were approved during the Feb. 6 meeting and will pay two separate firms to design renovations for City Hall and the Grapevine Public Library.

What you need to know

The City Hall design contract was with architectural firm Architexas and is worth $45,000. The firm is expected to assist the city with negotiating bids for the renovations, producing contract documents and, potentially, renderings of the renovations.

Grapevine City Hall was constructed in 1997, according to city documents, and the plan is to update some of the safety features and lobby area.

The library's design contract was awarded to 720 Design, which was the firm that originally designed the current facility that was last renovated in 2001, per city documents. The cost of the contract is $47,400.

The specifics

The City Hall renovation will include changes focused on the library, according to city documents. They include:
  • Demolition of the vault in the Public Works area
  • Design of a new mail and package space
  • Expansion of the Building Services inspection office
  • Design of an entry vestibule along the Barton Street entrance, which should improve energy efficiency
  • New transaction counters for Public Works, Building Services and Utility Billing
The design contract for the library will be used to help develop a more modern floor plan for the current building, Assistant Library Director Chad Hetterley said. Some options include demolishing existing large desk spaces and transitioning to more modern desks and adding self-checkout counters.

“I just want to thank Chad for the work you’ve done to keep this library current,” council member Darlene Freed said. “It’s been a great challenge, and you’ve been quite successful.”

What’s next?

Once design work is complete, council is expected to consider approval of contracts for the renovations at both facilities.

“By having the original designer of the library rework the space, we believe we’ll have a well-thought-out library with the same foresight and usability that we’ve enjoyed for these last 23 years,” Hetterley said.