Residents and business operators in Colleyville will see an increase in water and wastewater bills in 2024.

During the Dec. 19 council meeting, an ordinance was approved, resulting in a 13% increase for water rates and a 14.4% increase for wastewater rates, compared to 2023 rates.

The context

City Manager Jerry Ducay said the cost increases are related to debt service and raw water cost increases from the Trinity River Authority.

The volumetric rate for water will go from $4.9549 to $5.5969 per 1,000 gallons, and wastewater rates will go from $3.2644 to $3.7371 per 1,000 gallons. Both rates went into effect Jan. 1.

Commercial and industrial customers' bills are metered by actual use. Residential customers' bills are based on average usage.

Ducay said the economic impact for an average family would be about $22 per month.

What they’re saying

“The increase is bigger than the last couple of years. They were all substantial, but I don’t see the debt structure changing anytime soon,” Ducay said.