Grapevine city staff have used a six-month moratorium approved in September to draft regulations on electric vehicle chargers and charging equipment.

Staff presented those changes in a proposed ordinance during the Dec. 19 joint session with the planning and zoning commission and Grapevine City Council. Council members voted to approve a resolution calling for a public hearing on the proposed regulations on EV chargers and charging equipment.

The context

Council previously approved the moratorium to give staff time to look into potential regulations on the use of EV chargers and charging equipment. At the time of the moratorium in September, city staff said there had been 64 EV charging stations that had gone through the city’s permit approval process.

Supporting city documents outlining the September moratorium request contain information that larger numbers of charging stations were requested more recently. The city’s planning and zoning commission discussed EV charging stations and charging equipment during its Aug. 1 meeting.

“They identified use-specific needs and standards, and provided direction for appropriate locations for EV charging stations, buffering to adjacent residential districts and uses, signage requirements, and an approval process,” Director of Planning Erica Marohnic said.

The details

The public hearing will allow council to consider the proposed regulations as an amendment to the city’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. Under the proposed ordinance, future requests for EV charging stations and charging equipment would need to be granted a conditional-use permit by the city, Marohnic said.

Chargers and charging equipment would be permissible uses within seven zoning districts within the city, according to city documents:
  • Multifamily residential
  • Community commercial
  • Highway commercial
  • Central business
  • Light industrial
  • Business park
  • Government use
Any charging stations or charging equipment could not be substituted for conventional parking space requirements within the city, Marohnic said.

Regulations for the chargers include provisions that:
  • Prohibit charging stations next to public right of way
  • Require a letter from a utility provider that includes information that the charging station will be serviced
  • Stipulate screening if charging stations are located within 50 linear feet of an adjacent residential use or zoning district
What’s next?

Grapevine City Council will be able to adopt or deny the proposed ordinance after the public hearing at a future meeting.