Funding to design improvements at a Grapevine water and wastewater treatment plant administration facilities was approved by Grapevine City Council.

More than $2.1 million in the city’s utility enterprise fund will be made available for the design phase of the project after an appropriation ordinance was approved during council’s Nov. 7 meeting.

The overview

According to a council memo, a study to analyze space utilization at both facilities was funded by council in June 2022. The design contract will cover a proposed three-level addition to the water treatment facility’s filter building and a new maintenance building, while the wastewater plant administration and operations building will be demolished and replaced.

Administrative and Engineering Director Bryan Beck said the total project cost will be $9 million for each building, or a total of $18 million. Design is estimated to take 12 months with a further 18 months for construction, he said.

Dig deeper

Beck said several facilities enhancements were planned with the new additions including:
  • Office space
  • New shower facilities
  • Meeting space
  • Expanded lab testing space
The existing water treatment plant was built in 1959 with the wastewater plant constructed in 1986.

Quote of note

“This is the last of our major facilities that need to have our attention,” council member Sharron Rogers said. “It’s going to be costly, but it’s needed and overdue.”