The Grapevine Public Library is using a recently awarded grant to implement its homebound delivery program.

The library received $42,500 from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, which will be used to purchase a vehicle and canvas bags, according to a council memo. City Council approved the expenditure for the grant during the Sept. 5 meeting.

The overview

The Grapevine Public Library started using a mobile service called Grapevine Resources on Wheels in 2019 to expand the number of individuals who can access the library. For about 18 months, Library Director Leigh Kapsos said a homebound program was tested using information from contacts within senior living facilities and the city’s housing authority.

By acquiring a vehicle, the program will be expanded, according to the memo. Kapsos said the webpage for the homebound program, including an application and guidelines, will go live Oct. 1.

“The book mobile service we’ve provided since 2019 is excellent and brings literacy to a much wider audience, but homebound individuals were still left out,” Kapsos said. “After testing the program and securing a delivery vehicle through a Texas State Libraries and Archives Commission Special Projects Grant, we are now ready to take this important step toward serving an underserved population and achieving another level of inclusion.”