City Council members approved the purchase of a new Spartan ladder truck for the Colleyville Fire Department during the March 21 City Council meeting.

The new truck has an estimated cost of $2 million, and will be built and delivered by April 2025.

As of March, the fire department has three engines with an expected 18 years of service life as well as an aerial truck with an expected service life of 15 years, according to Colleyville Fire Chief Mark Cantrell. The department’s existing aerial truck is a 2010 model and will be sold once the newer model is delivered in 2025.

Cantrell also presented apparatus response statistics that showed how the department’s aerial truck helped cut down service calls by 26% over the past four years by providing more efficient runs.

Council Member George Dodson, representing Place 4, supported the purchase, but briefly noted the purchase will add an estimated half cent increase to tax rates.

“Making these kinds of investments are so critical to our city. As I said, I support it 100%, but it's important to know that when we’re adding things like this, or adding things like the recreation center, that those cost money,” Dodson said.

The Spartan ladder truck will be financed through First Security Finance Inc., and its first payment will be due in March 2025.