During the March 7 City Council meeting, Police Chief James Brandon announced the retirement of K-9 officer Duco.

The 11-year-old Dutch shepherd joined the force in 2015 and was partnered alongside officer Nate Anderson. The pair has been responsible for several drug busts and apprehensions within the past eight years of working together, according to city officials.

Brandon stated he always felt calm and confident when Anderson and Duco were deployed in Southlake or one of the surrounding cities. He praised Duco for being an excellent partner and for his ability to interpret aggression, intent, body language and energy.

“I’ve seen some top tier K-9s in my career, and I’ve never seen one that is as good as Duco,” Brandon said.

Brandon also recognized Anderson’s work in building and managing the Southlake K-9 program.

“We have [Anderson] to thank for a K-9 program that keeps our citizens and our officers safe,” Brandon said.

In addition to their police work, Anderson and Duco received the Top Patrol Dog Award from a K-9 conference in 2018, as well as two awards from the 2019 Canine Skills and Agility Competition. The pair also competed and placed fourth on A&E’s show "America’s Top Dog" back in 2020.

Following Duco’s retirement, Anderson will receive a new partner and remain a K-9 handler for the Southlake Police Department. Duco joined a new family to begin his retirement.