The city of Colleyville has two council spots open but will have only one race in the May 4 election.

In Place 5, Kimberly Holt Gunderson is running unopposed. Tim Raine and Tim Waterworth will seek the Place 6 position, and one will replace Mayor Pro Tem Callie Rigney.

Candidates were asked to answer the questions provided in 50 words or fewer and avoid attacking opponents. Answers may have been edited or cut to adhere to those guidelines, or for style and clarity.

Tim Raine

Experience: Planning and zoning, water committee, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD past president, business owner, senior executive, Colleyville Youth Sports coach

Occupation: Retired

Contact Information: 817-360-6119

Why are you running for office?

I believe I have something to offer the citizens because of my decades of proven leadership and community service through city committees and commissions, the GCISD school board including being president of the board, and my record of leadership and expertise as a business owner and senior executive.

What are the biggest challenges facing the city?

A broad spectrum of known and unforeseen issues present themselves in the course of governing. It is vitally important for new leaders to have city engagement, experience, knowledge and attitude to compliment our great staff and incumbent council members to ensure Colleyville retains our fiscally conservative values and hometown qualities.

How do you plan to address these issues?

I support the current process of setting priorities. Each year the elected council, as required by ordinance, holds a strategy and objective setting meeting. The council reviews and amends as necessary goals/strategy, grades performance of the previous year's objectives, and establishes specific priorities and objectives for the coming year.

What would your top priorities be if you are elected?

 Maintain our fiscal discipline, low density and green spaces; enhance the quality of life; fully support first responders; and maintain our safest city designation. Maintain Colleyville's hometown feel while allowing growth and development consistent with the vision of Colleyville expressed by citizen committees and voters the last several years.

Tim Waterworth

Experience: 26-year resident; 16 years local business owner/executive; Army veteran; active community volunteer

Occupation: Independent wealth manager and certified financial planner

Contact Information: 817-271-0654

Why are you running for office?

After 26 years raising a family in Colleyville and being inspired by fellow citizens I have come to know through, I am running to amplify citizens' voices in the important decisions about the stewardship of our community’s resources, direction and heritage. Let's shape Colleyville's future together.

What are the biggest challenges facing the city?

Colleyville’s chief challenge is the tension between land use decisions and financial resource allocation. The city’s Master Parks plan acknowledges undeveloped space is dwindling and made acquiring land a priority. Despite citizen-communicated desires for open spaces and parks, little progress has been made. Citizens’ expectations have not been met.

How do you plan to address these issues?

A takeaway from recent city projects is a small degree of citizen engagement in big decisions equals suboptimal outcomes. I will prioritize citizen engagement through personal interactions, surveys and public hearings. I’ll advocate to preserve Colleyville’s unique character and that large or controversial decisions be taken to the ballot box.

What would your top priorities be if you are elected?

My top priorities will be safeguarding Colleyville’s charm and character, ensuring a high quality of life that protects property values, harmonizing economic development expenditures with green space conservation [the ultimate low density] while managing finances conservatively to keep tax rates low and promoting responsible growth. Colleyville can have it all.