Grapevine-Colleyville ISD staff presented preliminary end-of-year data regarding student academic growth and development May 20. Several grade levels at numerous campuses saw double-digit growth in reading and math.

The details

Chief Academic Officer Shiela Shiver presented preliminary data to the GCISD board of trustees during the regular meeting on May 20 that showed significant improvement in student growth and development. According to district documents, student growth and development are measured by comparing beginning-of-year assessments against end-of-year assessments. Shiver noted several highlights, including the following improvements:
  • Bear Creek Elementary: 54% increase in kindergarten math
  • Timberline Elementary: 59% increase in first grade math of economically disadvantaged students
  • Glenhope Elementary: 22% increase in third grade reading of English language learners
  • O.C. Taylor Elementary: 33% increase in fifth grade reading of economically disadvantaged students
These scores reflect those students who receive Tier 1 instruction. According to the Texas Education Agency, the state uses a multitiered approach to support students. Tier 1 includes high-quality, classroom-wide instruction and support for all students. Tier 2 provides targeted support to address a student’s gaps in skills, while Tier 3 involves intensive support typically provided in smaller groups.

Shiver added that the number of students who moved into Tier 1 at the end of the 2023-24 school year had increased by 24% at Timberline and 33% at Silver Lake Elementary.

Shiver attributed the gains in student achievement to the district’s curriculum management plan, which she said gives teachers support in the classroom. Other resources include the district’s reading academy and support to help teachers with math lessons. Shiver said the bulk of the gains are in response to passionate teachers who care about the success of their students.

What they’re saying

“Our teachers have worked so diligently every year wanting to see every kid demonstrate growth in their academics,” Shiver said.

“This is extremely motivating,” board President Shannon Braun said. “This is worth every ounce of all the things that we do. This is what success looks like.”