Carroll ISD parents, staff and teachers all voted in favor of the first calendar option for the 2024-25 school year.

Gina Peddy, executive director for curriculum and instruction, presented the results from a weeklong survey with three options.

Two of the options would have provided longer time in school, by five or 10 minutes, and would have created a fall break, but those two did not garner as much support as the option that was adopted.

The Carroll ISD board of trustees approved the calendar during the Dec. 18 meeting.

Zooming in

The district looked to have an even amount of instruction days in each semester while ending the school year prior to Memorial Day, Peddy said. The state requires 75,600 instructional minutes for students and 187 contract days, according to documents.

All three options will have school starting Aug. 13, 2024, and ending May 22, 2025.

All three options had spring break the third full week of March to coincide with the spring break for Tarrant County College. Peddy noted the district partners with dual-credit courses with the community college, so the dates will be March 17-21.

Highlights from Option 1 include:
  • A "traditional" calendar that mirrors the 2023-24 school calendar
  • Winter break: Dec. 19, 2024-Jan. 8, 2025
  • Thanksgiving break: Nov. 25-29
  • Fall break: Oct. 11-15
  • 86 days in first semester, 87 in second semester
The specifics

Peddy said that the first option had the most votes across the board. For parents, this option had 42.6% of the vote, about 3% more than the third option, which would’ve extended the school day by 10 minutes.

For parents, the first option had a slim margin of victory—38.2% to 38% in favor of Option 3.

The vote for teachers followed the similar tract with the first option ahead over the third, with a 44.4% margin over 30.7%.