Members of the community presented upcoming plans on the creation of Carroll Business Academy, a certificate program for students interested in careers in business and entrepreneurship, during the Sept. 11 board of trustees meeting.


Co-creator of CBA Guy Midkiff, a pilot and Southlake resident, said he was inspired to create the idea after his daughter went to Carroll Medical Academy, an advanced high school academic program for students pursuing a future in medicine.

He said some of his daughter’s peers decided to pursue careers in business instead, and he believes CBA will provide a useful alternative to the medical program. Midkiff also added proponents of CBA are working with administration to create focus groups for the program.

Zooming in

Co-creator Danny Baltsalkin, who is a real estate broker and former student fellow of Pepperdine Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law, said CBA will primarily be run by elected student leaders, or student fellows, as part of a hands-on learning program. These students will be in charge of aspects of the program such as governance, budget, legal planning, event planning and more.

Baltsalkin listed some key components of the program, including a version of "TED Talks" known as “Dragon Talks” and "Shark Tank," called “Dragon Tank”. Other key elements of the program are networking, mentorships and internships. The curriculum, called CBA Fellows Tracks, is being developed by CBA and district officials, and will apply for both collegiate and alternative paths.

What’s next

The program will launch Club CBA by the end of the year to provide future student fellows an early start, and it will run concurrently with the program once it begins. Those who are interested in learning more can visit the program’s official website and join the interest list for future information.

Quote of note

“It’s more than just a curriculum thing,” CISD Board President Cameron Bryan said. “It really is a true immersion that you’re talking about and something that really is going to pay dividends for our kids.”