The Carroll ISD board of trustees approved the purchase of average daily attendance credits for the district’s recapture payment to the state at its Nov. 14 meeting.

CISD's estimated recapture payment for the 2022-23 school year is $33.48 million, according to the budget adopted Aug. 29.

Based on data that is available to the district, CISD included $33.6 million in this year’s operating budget to purchase attendance credits from the state, according to a document provided by the district.

Recapture, which is now called revenue in excess of entitlement, is designed to redistribute property tax dollars from property-wealthy districts to those determined to be property poor by the Texas Education Agency. Districts can choose from five options to reduce their revenue: consolidating with another district, detaching district territory, purchasing average daily attendance credits, providing education to nonresident students and consolidating tax bases with another district, according to the Texas Education Code Sec. 49.002.