The Grapevine-Colleyville ISD board of trustees voted June 21 to adopt a 2021-22 fiscal year budget that expects general fund revenue of almost $188 million and expenditures of roughly $195 million.

That includes a roughly $50.4 million recapture payment that must be made to the state, which is about 31 cents for every dollar collected by the district in Maintenance and Operation tax, according to the district’s budget book.

Employee compensation will increase this year, with teachers, nurses and librarians receiving a pay raise of at least $1,250. Other staff will receive a pay increase equivalent to 2% of the midpoint between the highest and lowest wages offered for their position.

That will bring staff members paid on the lower end of the spectrum closer to the market pay rate, Chief Financial Officer DaiAnn Mooney said.

“Every position has a pay category—we call it a pay family—and so there’s a min, a mid and a max,” she said. “The increase is based on the midpoint. So if someone is below the midpoint, they're going to receive a little bit more to get them closer to that mid.”

In addition to the district’s general fund, the budget also includes the debt service and child nutrition program funds. The debt service fund, which repays the district’s existing bonds, is expected to see a roughly $2 million loss in 2021-22, but the child nutrition program is expected to see a net gain of $111,475.