Grapevine-Colleyville ISD updated its 2021 spring guide, which addresses COVID-19 response on school campuses. The changes approved by the board of trustees go into effect for the remainder of the school year.

Those changes are:

  • Elementary school students will no longer be required to use plexiglass dividers in classrooms.

  • Students under quarantine will be allowed to end it after seven days if they test negative for COVID-19 and display no symptoms.

  • Visitors will be allowed back on campus at the discretion of individual campuses as long as visitors adhere to district safety protocols.

  • Limited outdoor events will be allowed on campuses, such as field days and picnics.

  • Spectators at outdoor sporting events will be allowed to remove their masks when seated and socially distanced from other spectators.

The update to the spring guide also clarified what social distancing requirements are for the district.

GCISD trustee Casey Ford made a motion to amend the policy to make masks optional at district schools, but the motion was not seconded.

Because the guide only covers district policy through the end of the spring semester, the board will have the opportunity later to craft new guidance for the fall.

“It will be a different environment in August, when we start a new school year, and hopefully we’ll be almost back to normal,” trustee Jorge Rodríguez said. “That’s my hope. I don’t feel personally that we’re there yet.”