Carroll ISD announced on Nov. 17 the launch of a new two-way hotline called STOPit to allow students to report safety, misconduct and compliance concerns.

The new anonymous communication system will replace the previous hotline, which is being discontinued by the vendor. The product was chosen by school counselors in the district. The app will help streamline the district's current anonymous communication systems, as will the Let’s Talk program.

The hotline is available at intermediate, middle and high school campuses. Reports can be made via the app, online or through the hotline.

According to a district press release, the STOPit system costs about $1 per student per year.

“Carroll ISD campus administrators and counselors are excited to launch the STOPit app to support students by addressing and preventing pervasive issues, such as bullying, cyber bullying, self-harm, and any issue which can negatively impact the learning environment,” Carroll ISD Counseling Coordinator Tammy Pulse said in the release. “STOPit gives administrators powerful investigative tools, such as real-time alerts, built-in reports, and the ability to communicate directly with incident [reporters], so that we can address and resolve issues quickly.”

For many districts, the reporting tools became a necessity after the 2017 passage of David’s Law, which requires all Texas school districts to provide a way for students to anonymously report cyberbullying.