Parents enrolled in the Carroll ISD prekindergarten program will receive a 50% discount on tuition in light of school closures due to the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Assistant Superintendent Janet McDade informed trustee members March 24 that since schools have closed and the program has moved to an online format, the district will cut half of the normal tuition cost. In addition, the district will give parents two weeks of their March payments back to them.

“We’re wanting to offer for those parents who are paying, a little bit of service in the way of giving them some tuition back,” she said.

The district will do this by giving all parents of students enrolled in the program free tuition for April, taking the two weeks’ reimbursement for March and moving that over to the coming month, McDade said.

Moving forward, the 50% discounted rates will be offered until the district returns to school full-time, she said.

Should parents elect to not participate in the online version of the prekindergarten program, these families will not be enrolled in the program any longer, she said. Parents have until mid-April to notify the district if they want to move forward in the prekindergarten program or not, McDade said.

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