When Larry Marshall trucked down to College Station to visit his son, Wesley Marshall, at Texas A&M University around 2007, he didn’t know he would come back with the idea for a restaurant.

The Marshalls spent time at the local bars, where he experienced their fun, family environments. This led them to Bottlecap Alley, a sea of old bottle caps nestled between the Dry Bean Saloon and the Dixie Chicken bars. Larry was inspired to create a family-oriented restaurant where people of all ages could enjoy time with loved ones. With a concept in mind and an idea for the name, he started Bottlecap Alley Icehouse Grill in Grapevine in 2010, said Laura Frisinger, marketing and graphics coordinator.

The details

The goal was to create an environment and a menu that could appeal to everyone and foster family connection while serving high-quality food, said Lee Marshall, who manages recipe design and quality control for the restaurant. The team outfitted Bottlecap Alley with TVs for sports fans, pool tables, a jukebox for cranking tunes and a variety of classic arcade games for kids, he said.

The menu strives for diversity to appeal to a wide array of tastes. This has led to creations such as the Cure Burger—an American cheeseburger served with fried egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo—and Ranch Hand Tacos—two corn tortillas stuffed with shredded brisket, grilled onions, pico de gallo, cilantro, Cotija cheese and a made-from-scratch jalapeno ranch dressing.

“We got it set up so that way you can get just about anything that you want, and everyone can come here and eat and leave happy,” Marshall said.

Also of note

As a longtime Southlake resident, Larry chose Grapevine because it gave that hometown feel while also fitting the bill for the family-centric restaurant, Frisinger said. Over the years, Bottlecap Alley molded into a place where the town gathers before setting off to other events for the day.

“If it's with your family and you grew up here eating after Little League games, that's what we want your takeaway to be,” she said.

This sense of community has led Bottlecap Alley to sponsor local sports teams from Little League to the Grapevine High School football team, whether that’s purchasing jerseys or donating to booster clubs. The restaurant has built relationships with customers and gives back to the community to solidify its place as a family-oriented establishment while also helping create memories, Lee said.

Since opening in 2010, the restaurant has expanded to Greenville, Corsicana and Nacogdoches with plans for even more locations in the future, but it remains true to its goal to be a community watering hole for friends and family, Lee said.

“Larry’s always said that he wants the people that dine in his restaurant to create memories. He doesn't care so much that you come in and eat with us; he wants you to come in and be who you're with and enjoy that experience,” Frisinger said.