Regardless of how early in the morning it is, guests who visit Sweet Spot Donuts’ bright green and pastel pink donut shop on Ira E. Woods Avenue are sure to be greeted by owner Amanda Kim’s smile.

Kim, who grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has worked in the donut business for 25 years. She is self-taught and began helping out in her parents’ donut shop in Cleburn at age 19.

Sweet Spot Donuts is her third shop.

“I was so scared because I’ve never done it before—I’ve never decorated, and I [am not talented] in art,” she said. “[When I got] my first order, I couldn’t sleep at night. ... It’s been ... years now, and I didn’t know I had those [skills].”

Sweet Spot sells a variety of donuts, sausage rolls, sandwiches and breakfast burritos. Kim also makes custom donuts for special occasions such as birthdays and events. That work has helped her stand out as a business.

“I always wanted to have a pretty donut shop,” Kim said. “I love [this] area. I love [this] neighborhood.”

Over the years, Kim said she was able to establish herself in the community and surrounding areas, with customers coming from as far as Fort Worth and Keller and as close as the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD stadium right next to her shop.

“[Students who visit from the stadium] are like my kids because I don’t have any children,” she said. “When they come, I remember my teenage years. ... I see them growing [up].”Since acquiring Sweet Spot seven years ago, Kim and her husband Heeju Lee have dedicated themselves to the business. The workday starts around 1 a.m. seven days a week to prep the donuts and rolls.

“I try my best [to] put all my energy into this [donut shop],” Kim said.

Sweet Spot Donuts - 3105 Ira E. Woods Ave., Ste. 130, Grapevine | 682-223-1008 | Hours: Mon.-Sun. 5 a.m.-1 p.m.