Amid a pandemic and just two months after the world shut down, a small coffee shop nestled in downtown Grapevine opened its door for the first time.

And just behind that door was and is owner Ashton Dierolf, who has a longtime love for the coffee shop experience.

“I did online school whenever I was in high school, so I would go to coffee shops and hang out, and do my schoolwork there,” Dierolf said. “And I knew I wanted to work for myself [after graduating].”

With that, Dierolf and her parents started searching for just the right place. A Grapevine native, Dierolf said choosing to open in downtown Grapevine, a little off Main Street, was a no-brainer. Once they found the right place—a rustic building on Texas Street—they started remodeling “top to bottom” in January 2020.

When Brew & Batter’s door finally opened on May 6, 2020, it was just the beginning of an incredibly devastating year for small businesses. But Dierolf said it was not as strange for her as others to navigate, since she did not know what it was like to run a business before the COVID-19 restrictions.

However, when their first slow season hit in August 2020 as everyone went back to school, she admits she was worried—at least until Christmas came around.

“Grapevine being the Christmas capital, once December hit, it was like zero to 90,” Dierolf said.

As people flocked to Brew & Batter, they found a unique menu full of coffee drinks, such as cappuccinos, lattes and teas, along with gluten-free waffles that change every two to three months to add seasonal items.

“We have some people that have been [coming] in since the day we opened,” Dierolf said. “And we have people come in every weekend that are our new regulars, which is super cool, too.”

Brew & Batter - 106 E. Texas St., Grapevine. 817-410-2739. Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily