Grapevine family business aims to devote itself to the community

Sitting among familiar chain restaurants in Grapevine is Great Scott, a family-run business that owner Matthew Scott said is intended to bring the experience of dining back to the suburbs. Owned and managed by Grapevine residents Matthew and Danielle Scott, the couple said the restaurant has become a way for them to reach out to their community.

The Scotts said the restaurant is a passion project for them. Danielle and Matthew both come from a hotel and restaurant background. As the couple’s youngest child reached middle school, the Scotts said the time seemed right for them to branch out on their own.

They set their sights on a building that used to be a Carrabba’s, and the two quickly began a remodeling process that made the most of their resources. The booths were reupholstered; the tables were flipped over and stained; and the wood from interior walls was repurposed for long, walnut-colored tables. Local friends eagerly offered their skills by staining furniture or taking photos or building their website, Danielle said.

Today, rustic art and framed 1920s sheet music line the walls of the restaurant. Large barrels run through the building, separating the dining room and view into the kitchen from the cozy couch seating near the bar.

Great Scott offers prepared meats, wines, cocktails and local craft beers. The restaurant takes care with its food, working primarily with farmers who pasture-raise their animals. The decision has several benefits, the Scotts said, including providing better-tasting food, a more ethical relationship with their product and the chance to support local businesses.

Matthew and Danielle said the connection to the local community is the heart of what they set out to accomplish with Great Scott. They said they have held events for the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD PTA and local charities and catered private lunches in the area. Danielle said she wanted the restaurant to be a place where customers could “feel comfortable and feel known and recognized.”

“You’d be amazed [at] the kind of stories you hear on a bartop,” Matthew said.

Great Scott
1701 Cross Roads Drive, Grapevine
Hours: Mon.-Thu. 5 -10 p.m.,
Fri.-Sat. 5-11 p.m., closed Sun.