A housing development located at 4700 Hwy. 360 received approval for its site plan and rezoning request.

Grapevine City Council approved both for a 21-home neighborhood called Oak Hill during its Aug. 15 meeting after several residents spoke against the new homes during a public hearing.

In a nutshell

Jake Born, 360 Land Partners LLC representative, said

the 21-lot development will have an area of at least 5,500-square-foot on 75% of the lots. The proposed Oak Hill neighborhood will be located near the Glade Hill and Stone Bridge Oaks neighborhoods, according to city documents.

The property was originally for planned commercial development district, but the applicants were seeking a zoning change to allow for single-family residences with zero-lot lines, which would match the surrounding neighborhoods. Some nearby residents raised concerns about removing the trees and nature surrounding Glade Hill and Stone Bridge Oaks, which influenced their decision to buy their homes in those neighborhoods.

The Grapevine Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval, and council unanimously approved the rezoning request, concept plan and final plat for the neighborhood.

“My brother, Jake, and I are really grateful for the opportunity,” 360 Land Partners representative Josh Born said. “My brother and I live in Grapevine and want to make the neighborhood something we can be proud of and will be another asset to Grapevine as far as bringing more great families in.”