Increasing quality of life and keeping citizens safe were two topics highlighted by Colleyville Mayor Bobby Lindamood in the State of the City.

Colleyville held its State of the City on Feb. 9 at the Colleyville Center. A presentation was shown at the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce luncheon, and a public presentation was at 7 p.m.

Taking Colleyville to the “next level” was a main theme in Lindamood’s speech. He also spoke on the city’s improvements with development projects, public safety, quality of life and community.

“We are blessed by our amazing citizens and strong leadership,” Lindamood said. “My goal, and this council’s goal, is to embrace all the wonderful things about Colleyville and to keep making it better.”

Colleyville is entering a new phase in the city’s life cycle as it nears being built out and goes through redevelopment in some areas, Lindamood said.

Several development projects were highlighted by Lindamood including the senior center renovation, purchasing Covenant Church to create a recreation center and installing four new pickleball courts at City Park. He said through projects such as these, the city’s staff is continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of life for residents.

“We are committed to making sure that all of our facilities reflect that high quality our citizens expect,” he said.

Lindamood said feeling safe is a “foundational” part of Colleyville. Public safety was a focus in 2022 with the addition of six school resource officers, or SROs, he said. Additional SROs were included in the Colleyville Crime Control and Prevention District budget for fiscal year 2022-23 that was approved by council Aug. 2. The officers will be allocated to all schools within Colleyville city limits.

“We will spare no expense for the safety of our children,” Lindamood said. “We heard what the community said ... so we are proud to provide this additional layer of safety to our schools.”

Colleyville’s gift card program and its no-new-revenue tax rate are ways the city is helping its residents, Lindamood said. He said the gift card program put dollars directly into the city’s local businesses. Each household received a $35 gift card in the summer and around the holidays to be spent at participating restaurants and retail businesses in the city.

Council adopted a no-new-revenue tax rate for the fifth year in a row as part of the fiscal year 2022-23 budget. As of Oct. 1, Lindamood said Colleyville has the lowest property tax rate in the area.

Looking forward to 2023, Lindamood said improving Heroes Park is a “huge priority.”

The Heroes Park Design Committee was approved by council Jan. 3. Lindamood said they will create a new space to commemorate the local heroes of Colleyville.

“We will never stop working to improve our town,” Lindamood said. “I believe we have the responsibility to leave things better than we found them. Together, we will continue to take Colleyville to the next level.”