A 60-foot billboard will be coming off SH 121 in Colleyville after the council approved a variance for property located at 5312 SH 121 during the Jan. 17 meeting.

Burkett Media owner Beau Burkett appeared before the council asking for a variance on the off-premises sign—which will replace an existing billboard that is near ground level on a 2.96-acre lot.

The council approved the motion 7-0 with a handful of conditions, one of which is the council will approve the billboard before construction starts.

The V-shaped billboard will have two sides facing traffic on SH 121, while a third side will face toward Colleyville Heritage High School. Some council members questioned the height of the sign, but Burkett said it would be similar to other ones in the vicinity.

“We think there is a pretty significant esthetic upgrade, and you are getting nothing out of the sign there now, and now you will get to promote the city,” Burkett said.

Burkett noted the digital billboard will have a 64-second loop of advertisements for eight seconds each, and the city will get one of those spots for the life of the billboard. The billboard's structure will be encased in stone, though Burkett noted brick was another option.

Burkett media has done similar billboards in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in The Colony off SH 121 and in North Richland Hills, one off I-820 and the other of SH 183.

As part of the agreement, Burkett Media will give the city a $100,000 impact fee. The city will be able to use the money at its discretion.