An updated concept plan for the much-anticipated Carillon Parc was met with all-around approval from Southlake officials and residents at a city work session Sept. 17.

The proposal for Carillon touted it as a “European-style regional destination development” with dining options, health and wellness services, and boutique and artisan shops surrounding a central park with open space. Carillon was also chosen as the future site of the city library.

John Terrell, former Southlake mayor and one of the developers for Carillon Parc, gave a presentation on the multi-million-dollar, mixed-use development. More than a year has passed since City Council signed off on the development plan.

“We’re trying to create something that is unlike anything else in North Texas, something that is experiential,” Terrell said.

In 2018, Terrell said the development would be divided into eight primary districts: an office district, the Boulevard, the Piazza, the Library, the Parc, the Terrace, the Grand Hotel and a residential district.

Much of the 2018 concept plan remains the same, but there are some minor modifications, such as new configurations for the hotel. By condensing designs for the hotel, an additional 96,000 square feet of office space will be added. 

“One of the [biggest changes] is the hotel itself,” Terrell said. 

The modified plan increased the hotel’s room number from 200-259. Other changes include the additions of a parking deck and a tower feature to accommodate a bar and restaurant, according to a presentation by Terrell. Matthews Southwest Hospitality is partnering with Terrell to develop the hotel. 

The new layout is an improvement upon the former concept plan, Terrell said.

“[Matthews Southwest] made a lot of different changes that were to the benefit of the guest experience, which we greatly appreciate,” he said.

Updates were also made to the restaurant sites adjacent to the hotel. 

“We wanted to do something where we create more of a grand entrance experience—a sense of arrival as you pull up to that front area,” Terrell said. 

The initial idea included a separate, boutique hotel with 70 rooms on the same site, but that plan was later scrapped. Instead, that space will be used for restaurant and lounge space on the ground floor and residential space above, Terrell said.

“One of the big features of this particular site and this building is the iconic nature of that corner architecture, so that is going to remain,” he said.

Another big change is the addition of a European-style grand staircase and elevator entrance from the Piazza to a pedestrian-only walkway.

Other revisions include street and parking configurations, entrance enhancements and additional green spaces throughout the development. 

The dedicated park area is intended to be the central element of the development and a draw for visitors. The new concept plan would expand the park from 8.5 acres to 10.2 and would include enhanced water features and park amenities.

“We’re prepared to spend significant dollars in a city park to make this special,” Terrell said.

The overall concept has remained consistent with what was promised, he said.

“I hope [City Council] also agrees that the changes that we’ve actually improved the entire development—to the tune of, probably, somewhere over $50 million in increased value because of the additional square footage and features,” Terrell said.

A deal for the property is scheduled to close Nov. 12, he said. Although some preliminary engineering work has been completed, more is needed for a project of this scale. That may take 6-8 months. Terrell estimates a groundbreaking could take place late spring or early summer 2020.

Multiple residents submitted responses in support of this project at the work session. Council members were also in favor of the modified concept plan.

“I think it looked beautiful,” Council Member John Huffman said to Terrell. “You guys approached this project with such thoughtfulness. You’ve really been intentional about creating something that’s worthy of Southlake.”

Renderings and the full presentation can be found here.