Grapevine to develop plans for gateway signs


It soon might become more obvious when drivers reach the city of Grapevine.

The city is taking a look at installing gateway signs to welcome motorists and residents. There have been plans for years to incorporate gateway signs to major highway intersections at the city limits, according to city documents. The first of these signs would be placed at the corner of the Northwest Highway and SH 114 frontage road near Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille.

“The intent is not to have multiple concepts,” said Kevin Mitchell, Grapevine Parks and Recreation Department director, at the March 5 Grapevine City Council meeting. “The intent is this is the concept, and we’re going to figure out how it will fit.”

Upon Mitchell’s presentation, council unanimously approved awarding a contract to Schrickel, Rollins, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper Inc. for the development of construction documents for the signs. The city has budgeted $58,500 for the services from its grant fund.

Mitchell said he will keep the council updated as the consultants survey the area. The consultants will prepare construction documents and probable costs, which will be submitted for council approval.

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  1. Kendall Baxter

    $58K for the plans to build a sign that distracts at an intersection where traffic is a nightmare? I would prefer a $58K traffic study and revision.

    • Miranda Jaimes

      Hi Kendall, thanks for commenting! I just want to point out this is not the contract to build the sign – this is just to survey the area and see how a sign would work there. Council would have to approve construction of the sign separately.

      • Kendall Baxter

        Not sure what part of my comment on the stupidity of spending money “for the plans” you didn’t get.

        I know they would never consider spending that little of an amount for the actual sign. They will next spend taxpayer money to take a visit to some cities to see their signs. Maybe another retreat to consider the signs they saw. The council is always looking for ways to spend the tax money they collect. When will they rollback the rates?

        By the way, the traffic flow at that area is a nightmare after the changes. My comment to study and fix that problem remains.

  2. I agree, absolute waste of time. How about make good on that overpriced traffic flow and traffic light study that took place in 2009. Right before all that construction on 114. Complete waste of money and time. Fix the signals now that the train is up and running. Do something anything not stupid crap like this. Also, what’s up with the lights at 635 and 121. Theve been dark for about 6 or 7 years now. Get them lit. And no curve signs where 635 dead ends into 121, people keep crashing into the railing because its DARK and no warning signs saying curve ahead. Investigate these things please. There’s several stories for you to write about.

  3. Update, as I stated and predicted, someone has yet again crashed into the railing at 635 and 121. Some reporter, any reporter should report on this. Saul’s Garza from fox 4 if he still does what’s bugging you? Report on this please. It may take a little work to find out which pencil pusher has been signing off on repairs on that area year after year, and refuses to put 2 and 2 together and apply proper signage and lighting. Maybe grapevine should put that new sign right there, paintbit yellow so people see it before plowing into the railing, or going over the cliff towards the gv mills mall, before the concrete barriers as of late. Good luck

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