Drivers beware: Grapevine police step up speed limit enforcement on SH 121 near DFW Airport


Due to recent traffic incidents in the area, Grapevine police officers are cracking down on speeding motorists driving southbound on SH 121 North near the exit to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, according to the Grapevine Police Department’s social media pages.

The posted speed limit for that section of SH 121 is 55 miles per hour to accommodate construction work taking place in the area. The police department reported at least four multi-vehicle crashes since the end of December, according to an announcement it made on Facebook.

To reduce the risk of crashes, officers will begin stricter enforcement of the speed limit by issuing more tickets to violators. Because it is in a construction zone, traffic fines are also doubled.

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    • They’re not trying to hurry that along because it’ll cost THEM money. This way, they have a revenue stream to pay for the road repairs and updates we need in the area. I’m all for them enforcing the speed limits in that area anyway, because people are typically going over 90 to 100 mph. No need for that. Every major roadway in and out of Grapevine should have a cop posted at the side of the road to catch all the afternoon speeders down Texan Trail and NW Hwy/26 as well.

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