Ask the editor: What if I missed the deadline to protest my property appraisal?


Tarrant County residents have until at least May 15 to file property appraisal protests with the Tarrant Appraisal District. The Appraisal Review Board does include specific situations when property owners can protest after the May 15 deadline has passed.

These situations include: failure to receive a notice that the appraisal district or ARB was required to send; the appraisal district appraised the property at least one-third higher than its market value; a clerical error, multiple appraisals, including property on the appraisal roll that should not have been included, or an error of ownership; and if the chief appraiser agrees to do a joint motion to correct the appraisal. If both the applicant and the chief appraiser are in agreement on the late change, then the ARB will approve the change.

If the ARB rules in the applicant’s favor, the ARB will instruct the chief appraiser to notify the taxing units about the change. If the property owner paid the taxes, the taxing units will send the owner any refund resulting from the change on the appraisal roll for the property.

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Miranda Jaimes
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