On Tuesday night Grapevine City Council members heard a needs assessment study on the city's animal shelter located at 500 Shady Brook Drive, Grapevine.

A representative with Shelter Planners of America, who completed the study, said council should consider expanding or building a new shelter.

"It's a little embarrassing," Council Member Darlene Freed said. "It needs to be expanded. I think we need to do this. I am less inclined to relocate, especially if we have enough room there to do what we need to there."

The study estimates it will cost $3.1 million to expand and renovate the current shelter. It is estimated to cost $3.6 million to relocate the shelter and build it from the ground up, which does not include the cost of purchasing the land.

In summary, the study pointed out the existing shelter is well kept and nicer than many shelters that have been studied across the country. However, the study says the existing shelter is too small for the community, lacks an education center and proper animal housing. Furthermore, it has significant deficiencies such as proper HVAC systems and proper separation of ill animals according to current best practice.

The shelter was constructed in 1992, renovations were made in 2009 and other minor changes in about 2014. The shelter contains approximately 2,856 square feet of indoor space, some storage sheds and some outdoor dog pens.

The study said the new shelter should contain more than 9,000 square feet of space to meet projected growing needs.

The shelter saw 995 animals in 2015. The study estimates the shelter will grow to see 1,125 animals per year.