Over the last 15 years, Rosie Vann has tailored her fashion industry skill set into tools she passionately wields as the owner and operator of Rose & Rivets boutique in Colleyville.

The inspiration

Vann said while earning a degree in business, she worked at the Dallas Apparel Mart.

“I learned the sales part of the business,” she said. “I remember being the one selling to the boutiques and thinking I'd rather be on the other side of the table and buying.”

The backstory

After working for a corporate retail company, Vann and a business partner started Couture In a Can, which was a boutique on wheels housed in an Airstream trailer. Eventually, she became a clothing brand ambassador then opened a boutique for menswear.

In 2021, she opened Rose & Rivets in Elixr x Dv8 in The Village at Colleyville. The original business idea was for the Rivets portion of the name to represent menswear and Roses to represent womenswear, but she soon shifted to only selling womenswear and said now Rivets represents some of her “edgier” looks.

“I try to find things that are on trend, but fabrication is important,” Vann said. “I still walk those contemporary rows [at market] because you’ll see the things that are coming, but then I go to my [women’s] designers and try to emulate that look but in finer quality.”

The approach

Vann said she has been styling local women for years and has many clients who comfortably rely on her to pick out their wardrobe.

“If it's someone I've dressed for 15-plus years, she literally doesn’t look in the store, she walks into the dressing room and takes her clothes off,” Vann said. “I have everything pulled that I think will work for her lifestyle, and it's like a marathon cardio try-on session. I’m in charge of their aesthetic, their fashion.”

Vann doesn’t charge for styling sessions and enjoys working with new clients as well.

“If it's somebody new, I talk to them about lifestyle. I encourage them to try our denim because nothing dates you more than bad denim,” she said. “We all have somewhere on our body we want to camouflage. I take that into account, then build from there.”

What’s special about it?

Vann hosts social media live events featuring models wearing different outfits along with commentary explaining how to style different pieces of clothing.

“I don't want my customer going to a party and someone else is wearing her outfit and having a who-wore-it-best situation, which happens a lot if you go to a corporate retailer,” Vann said. “I’m passionate about trying to avoid that.”

Going forward

A plan to move the boutique to 5121 Thompson Terrace, Ste. C, in Colleyville in mid-May is in place.

“It will basically be bigger and way more luxe,” Vann said.

Her five-year goal is to open a second location.

“I’d love to franchise this and have Rose & Rivets everywhere,” she said.