Meow Wolf Grapevine will soon have alcoholic beverage offerings inside the art exhibit at Grapevine Mills.

The Grapevine Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council both approved a conditional use permit during the March 19 meeting to allow for the possession, storage and retail sale on-premise for alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and mixed beverages.

What's next

Dubbed “The Real Unreal” the immersive art exhibit based in Santa Fe opened its fourth location in Grapevine July 2023.

Since then, more than 400,000 visitors have passed through the doors, according to general manager Kelly Schwartz. She said 80% of the visitors live 15 miles way or further and 19% of tickets sale are to out-of-state residents.

“We are destination in and of itself,” she said.

The details

Meow Wolf Grapevine’s proposal would have liquor sold at two locations: the existing cafe that offers grab-and-go food and drinks from local vendors and finishing out a shell room near Lamp Shop Alley, a retail area inside the exhibit.

Schwartz said the venue has held 10 private events and 10 adult nights at Meow Wolf, where alcohol was served but she said the business can only apply for a certain number of special use permits.

Schwartz said security guards are placed inside the exhibit and at both entrances. They will ensure guests will not take alcohol outside of the exhibit into either the parking lot or the mall, she said.

Quote of note

“The [biggest] request we get is, ‘Can I have a beer or can I have a glass of wine?’” Schwartz said. “This is a response to our guests’ requests. We would like to better serve their needs.”