Officials with Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart, announced Dec. 13 the store would be coming back to Grapevine.

The news comes exactly one year after two tornadoes struck Grapevine, one of which hit Sam’s Club on Dec. 13, 2022.

Sam’s Club officials later announced the closure of the store in April due to significant storm damage, three months after getting issued a building permit to make structural repairs.

"We are delighted to welcome back Sam's Club to our community,” Grapevine Mayor William D. Tate said in a news release. “Sam’s Club has been a valued establishment for nearly 20 years in Grapevine, and the reopening will not only bring convenience to our residents but also contribute to the economic prosperity of Grapevine. We appreciate Sam's Club's commitment to investing in our city and supporting local businesses."

The revamped store will bring innovative services with leading technology from Sam’s Club to Grapevine, according to a news release.

In a video announcement about the return to Grapevine, Sam’s Club officials mentioned they heard from many community members who wanted the store back.

The Grapevine Chamber of Commerce played a part in that by making two separate prints of postcards to send to the corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

RaDonna Hessel, president of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce, said she had two phone calls in early December from residents asking for more postcards to send. The organization had 4,000 postcards printed, and all were sent off by community members.

“While I’m sure it’s not the only reason they came, we felt if we nudged them a little to look at why they closed, they might reconsider,” Hessel said. “I think letting them know we appreciated them and we would love to have them back didn’t hurt the cause. We were in debating if we should print even more cards. To say I was thrilled they were coming back would be an understatement.”

Sam’s Club will also give $30,000 through a grant and in-kind charitable donations to support local nonprofit Grace, according to the news release.