John Raimondi said he’s always been on two wheels. He started out riding minibikes, progressed to dirt bikes and even rode street motorcycles. When he had children, he chose a new two-wheel option.

“My daughters were into ballet, they weren’t into dirt bikes,” Raimondi said. “I thought with the scooter, we could be a family that rides together. My wife had one and put a girl on the back, I drove one and put the other girl on the back. That was a family thing.”

One day, when he was on Vespa’s website looking for different colors of scooters for his daughters, he clicked on the ‘dealer opportunities available’ prompt. This action was launched a new career trajectory.

In Dec. 2004, John and his wife Kammy Raimondi opened Moxie Scooters in Colleyville.

“I pitched it to her, ‘Honey, you sell them, and I’ll service them.’ It was just the two of us,” John said.

He thought the scooters would sell “like hotcakes” but instead people came in the store not knowing anything about these two-wheeled vehicles. Over time, John said, customers became much more educated on the benefits of scooter ownership such as their cost and fuel efficiency.

“When they come back from a test drive if they are grinning, they’re happy,” John said. “If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

The Raimondi family has lived in Grapevine since 1998. John said he always wanted to own a shop in his hometown and in Jan. 2023, he was able to make the dream a reality when he moved the business to 503 W. Northwest Highway.

In addition to the showroom, which has 60 new scooters displayed, there is also a service department. John is a certified Vespa technician and can provide any service a scooter needs such as oil and tire changes.

John said his customers are diverse. Exemplifying the range, he said the younger group might deem a scooter to be their perfect college ride while some of his retired customers feel a scooter is a great accompanying vehicle when they go on RV trips.

“I like the idea of helping people find something that gives them joy,” John said. “Scooters are kind of neat. You feel like you’re out in the wind, you smell things you don’t smell in a car. You go down a dip in the road and it’s 10 degrees cooler by the creek, those things excite people.”