Lisa Crafton and her daughter Chelsea Crafton opened Kiss it Good Buy, a furniture consignment store, in Grapevine in 2002.

Lisa said this joint venture allowed them to bring to the table skills they accrued individually and together.

Prior to opening the business, Lisa was a teacher; then she had a career in high-tech sales. Chelsea graduated from the University of North Texas with majors in art and home furnishings merchandising. They have fond memories of going to furniture stores together throughout Chelsea’s childhood.

The details

The business started on North Main Street, but after 17 years they outgrew that space. They moved to their current location on East Franklin Street in 2019. Lisa said originally they had about 300 consignors; now they are up to almost 8,000 consignors.

“We’re getting higher quality consignments than we used to,” Chelsea said. “That goes along with our experience and people trusting us.”

The inspiration

The mother-daughter duo agreed that furniture, lighting and artwork round out their top three selling merchandise categories. They said customers will always find a wide selection of interesting home decor. Exemplifying their range, Chelsea pointed to a mannequin that boasts a light for a head and an Italian Murano glass chandelier.

“Americans are becoming more like Europeans in that consignment is popular,” Lisa said. “It has never been as popular in this country as it is now. The young people want consignments. It doesn’t matter what their status is in terms of money."

201 E. Franklin St., Grapevine