Amy Nobles Lyday has been at work cultivating a community of musicians in a six-room house located just off Main Street in Grapevine.

“That community is led by great performers who love their craft,” Nobles Lyday said.

Grapevine Performing Arts, which opened at 212 E. Franklin St. in 2020, teaches students how to play and perform on a range of instruments, including piano, guitar and ukulele. The business also teaches vocal lessons and acting lessons.

Nobles Lyday, owner and president of Grapevine Performing Arts, has been teaching in Grapevine for 12 years. She wants her students to enjoy the music they’re playing, because it’s meant to be enjoyed and shared, Nobles Lyday said.

“If music wasn’t shared, where would be the fun in that?” she said. “We have radios because we want to hear music all the time, but it’s even more enjoyable when you can sit down at the piano in your own home and share it with your family.”

Students can register for weekly sessions that are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. The house features six studio rooms each named after a bird species where students learn from their teacher.

Between lessons, students go home with a practice routine created by Nobles Lyday and a method to track their musical progress. She always tells parents, if she can teach piano to their kid from second grade to high school, they will become a “phenomenal” pianist.

“We are structured here to make them phenomenal,” she said. “Of course it’s a partnership. They have to do their part, and we do our part, but we have the structure to do it.”

Grapevine Performing Arts teaches a variety of musical genres including classical, pop and country. Nobles Lyday was most recently teaching a student how to play a piano version of Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero.”

“My hope is that all these students go out, and they make a difference in their communities, and they bring music to it,” Nobles Lyday said.