While working as a university professor and marriage counselor in Dubai, a duo-career path he followed for 35 years, Kennon Rider decided it was time to come back to America and opted for a vocational change.

“I didn’t want to start over with a counseling practice at my age,” Rider said. “However, it turns out that would have been much easier.”

Rider and his wife, Lisa Reber-Rider, bought the rights to The B-12 Store brand and have the license to use the brand in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The couple opened their first The B-12 Store in Frisco in Stonebriar Mall in 2020. They opened another location in Grapevine Mills in 2021 then another in The Parks Mall at Arlington in 2022.

Rider said he was introduced to the business concept because he frequently traveled back and forth between Dubai and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where his friends owned a The B-12 Store.

“I’d been suffering from jet lag for 16 years. I took the B-12 shot when I landed, and it was amazing how much better I did with jet lag,” Rider said.

After researching products, spending time at other locations and meeting the owner of the brand, he felt this was something he could do.

“The three things we talk about in our 30-second spiel is energy, immunity and weight loss,” Rider said.

Regarding how the business name was chosen, Rider said, “About 60% of our customers come in for the B-12 shot, because it is so great for energy, mood and sleep. Then they add other things very often, because they see we have a whole host of injectable vitamins and supplements that are helpful.”

Most products are administered via an injection. They do offer a few oral lipotropics, vitamins and nutrients.

“The reason we exist is when you take oral vitamins, they pass through the digestive system, which strips out a lot of the value,” Rider said. “But when you take an injection, it goes through the muscle into the blood stream very quickly, and it is more available to your system.”

Rider said he and his staff [all of whom are nurses] recommend products for customers’ concerns. When customers return with results, such as weight loss or growing hair after chemo, they feel successful.

“I’ve spent my entire career helping people with mental, emotional and social issues,” Rider said. “I’m still in the people business, but I’m turning attention to physical health and wellness.”

The B-12 Store

3000 Grapevine Parkway, Ste. 325, Grapevine



Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.-7 p.m.