When Jennifer Duranczyk opened Fusion Whole Body Recovery in 2014, she said she did so to fill a void.

“I saw a huge need for a one-stop shop for wellness and education,” she said.

From the beginning, the mission of the business has remained the same and includes showing people there is a way to get pain relief outside of traditional medication, Duranczyk explained.

“We want to ... help people feel better without medication,” she said. “We are a holistic recovery center for pain and injury.”

In addition to the services provided by Duranczyk, professionals lease spaces to practice at Fusion Whole Body Recovery. Their top-three requested services are orthopedic and medical massage; chiropractic, nutrition and hormone services; and cryotherapy.

Duranczyk is a licensed massage therapist and a medical massage practitioner. She has been an MMP for 10 years. As an MMP, she has a higher education in anatomy, kinesiology and physiology, which allows her to treat chronic pain and injuries. She is also a somatic educator. Duranczyk said by using the somatic method, people become more mindful of resetting their bodies.

“I teach your brain how to let go of chronic tension that has become a habit in your body from repetitive use like sitting at computers [or] sleeping on one side,” she said.

A client was brought to Fusion Whole Body Recovery by his family after experiencing an embolic stroke three years prior. The client didn’t have control of the right side of his body and could only walk a little bit. After only four months, he started to regain control of his body and was able to walk easier purely by using somatic education.

“He came in one day and, crying, he told me he could feel his body coming alive again,” Duranczyk said.

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