pawTree in Southlake offers customizable pet products


Editor’s note: This article has been updated to clarify the price of the food seasonings.

After working in the pet industry for 15 years, Southlake resident Roger Morgan wanted to create a different kind of pet supplies company.

He drew on his knowledge of how pet owners decide what to get their pets and his own desire to provide quality products to create pawTree, a customizable pet supply company based online.

“To do what I wanted to do to make the difference I really believed that I could make in the lives of pets and people, I really didn’t have any choice other than to start something from scratch,” Morgan said.

With the support of his wife, Susan, Morgan launched the company in January 2014. When it kicked off, pawTree started primarily through online sales. As it has grown, however, pawTree has focused on a different sales method.

Petpros is the name for the more than 1,000 representatives who work with pawTree.

“They’re not employees, but they can go out and they can share our products with their friends, their family … have a party, however they feel most comfortable sharing our products,” Morgan said.

Morgan listed customization as one of the three factors that sets pawTree apart from other companies. The packaging on each bag of pet food is an example of that customization.

“Putting a photo of the pet and the name of the pet on the bag of food was a way of trying to make it extra special,” Morgan said.

In addition to customization, Morgan said, the quality of the ingredients and materials used in pawTree’s products help it distinguish itself from other companies. The third factor is the social selling model, which relies on word of mouth to spread pawTree’s reputation and help its market expand.

Currently pawTree is only available in the U.S., but the business has customers in each of the 50 states, Morgan said.

All of pawTree’s products carry a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, Morgan said.

pawTree’s corporate office is located at 940 S. Kimball Ave., Southlake
Prices for products vary, from pawTreats for $14 to a pack of food seasonings for $75.

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