Independent studio, Loaded Brushes, helps customers explore art


The idea for locally-owned art studio Loaded Brushes came from Melinda Tovar’s own love of art.

Tovar, who has worked as a graphic designer, a web designer and art director, said she wanted to give people a place to express themselves with a wine bar atmosphere. A personal experience she had coping with work stress through painting inspired her to open Loaded Brushes in Colleyville.

“I hadn’t painted in years,” Tovar said. “As I was painting, I wasn’t thinking about everything else. I was just kind of enjoying my painting, and that was it. When I got to the point where I just needed something different, I remembered that.”

She has seen that same calming effect occur at Loaded Brushes. Sometimes people will come in right as their painting session starts, and they are clearly stressed, Tovar said.

“Ten minutes in, you see them start to loosen up,” she said. “Halfway through the class, they’re laughing, having a great time.”

At Loaded Brushes, customers have the help of Tovar or another instructor to create their own works step by step. The group sessions, which run for two hours, have everyone working on the same painting. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, customers can choose whatever painting they like, and the instructors go around the studio helping the customers.

Although Loaded Brushes can repeat paintings, Tovar said, she prefers for the studio to have fresh ideas available for its customers.

The studio has sessions Wednesday through Sunday. There are sessions on Friday and Saturday that are for adults only.

In addition to canvas painting, Loaded Brushes offers wine glass painting sessions and wood art.

Loaded Brushes is also available for private parties.

Tovar said she has hosted bachelorette parties and birthday parties and would love to host a small wedding reception, art shows and gender-reveal parties in her space.

The studio has a BYOB policy, which allows customers to bring alcohol to the adult sessions. Loaded Brushes sells soft drinks and other beverages as mixers or alternatives to alcohol.

Loaded Brushes
3930 Glade Road, Ste. 117, Colleyville
Hours: Wed.-Fri. 6-10 p.m., Sat.-Sun. noon-10 p.m.

Loaded Brushes

For these paintings, attendees email a picture of their pet to Loaded Brushes before the session. The Loaded Brushes staff then sketches the pet on a canvas, which is waiting for the customers when they come in. Loaded Brushes can handle more than just cats and dogs. So far, there have been paintings of a pig and a longhorn. Tovar said she wants someone to paint a pet lizard.
The customers get to choose whether they want to use realistic colors or more abstract colorization. (via Courtesy Melinda Tovar)

Loaded Brushes

Melinda Tovar is the owner of Loaded Brushes in Colleyville. (via Abigail Allen/Community Impact Newspaper)

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