Milwaukee Joe’s Ice Cream Co-owners Mike and Donna Perry have owned the business since 2012.[/caption]

As the dog days of summer approach, Milwaukee Joe’s Gourmet Ice Cream in Colleyville has more than 300 flavors of ice cream that make the perfect afternoon treat.

Milwaukee Joe’s first opened in Bedford in 1995.

“[The original owner] Jim Libowski had a real passion for ice cream,” said Mike Perry, who co-owns the business with his wife, Donna.

“It was just one of those things—he was a marketing guy. High-energy, loved public interaction.”

Three years ago Donna and Mike were looking for a business to run but had never considered buying an ice cream operation.

“We were looking for a business, and I had a list of criteria that the business had to fulfill. This business met that criteria,” Mike said. “Prior to this I was the president of a $240 million medical company, and Donna had an antique business. So we basically said, ‘Business is business,’ and bought this company and are running it the same way as we did before: like a business.”

Milwaukee Joe’s has two locations—the main location in the Village at Colleyville and another at Southlake Town Square. All of the ice cream for both locations is made in Colleyville.

“A single batch of ice cream takes about 14 to 18 minutes to produce 5 gallons of ice cream depending on what ingredients are in it.

“The big difference between us from anyone else is the cream base we use. It’s 14 percent butterfat. That is why ours is so creamy.”

In addition to ice cream, Milwaukee Joe’s offers shakes, ice cream sandwiches and cakes. The shop can also hold small parties in the shop; catering and special-request flavors are also available.

Donna recommends trying the Just Java flavor, which is made with two types of coffee. Mike recommends the Almond Joy ice cream, which is made with coconut flakes and roasted almonds.

“What is better than somebody coming in with a smile on their face, anticipating getting a treat?” Perry said. “That is what makes this business fun for us—customer interaction.”