Carla Morton has filed to run for the State Board of Education District 11 seat. She is running as a Democrat against Celeste Light in the March 6 primary election.

Community Impact Newspaper sent Morton a list of questions about her candidacy. Below are her answers edited for publication style and length.

Q: Why did you decide to run for this office?

A: Access to quality education is a social justice issue, and I have become increasingly concerned that our public education system is being dismantled by special interests and individuals’ intent upon forcing a personal agenda. As the product of public schools and a first-generation college graduate, I feel that it is my duty to protect and strengthen access to high-quality public education for my own children, my young patients and all children in the state of Texas.

Q: What experience—professionally or politically—do you have that would prepare you for this position?

A. I have earned a Ph.D and completed additional postdoctoral training in pediatric and developmental neuropsychology, which gives me specific insight into cognitive development. I am a currently learning more about policy issues specific to Texas public schools as a Leadership ISD Public Voices fellow.  Previously I learned about the interface between psychology and policy while taking a mental health and law course, and I served as a campus liaison to the American Psychological Association for public policy issues while in graduate school.

Q: If elected, what would be your top priorities?

A: - Insisting upon science-based education
- Ensuring students with disabilities receive essential specialized academic interventions
- Supporting career and technical education as well as preparation for enlistment in the military as valuable academic options
- Enabling all students to access arts education

Q: What else do you want constituents to know about you and your background?

A: I believe that representative government only works if everyone is involved and engaged, and we should not bother holding elections if we continue to send the same individuals every cycle. Few parents of my patients have the resources to serve in government, but I can be their voice and make sure that their needs are addressed by the State Board of Education.

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