Brian Latas said prior to moving to Grapevine, he enjoyed windsurfing in landlocked states, such as Kansas and Oklahoma. When he moved to Grapevine, he met some friends who owned a boat, and he started hanging out on Lake Grapevine. One thing led to another, and the group of friends began teaching others their love of sailing. Island Bound Adventures, which is owned by Latas, opened in 2009. It offers sailing lessons and takes people out on sunset cruises.

The fleet consists of three sloops: Island Bound is a 30-foot Newport and is used primarily to teach students to sail; Changes in L’attitude is a Catalina 320 that mainly takes guests on sunset sails; and Ali Baba is a 25-foot Catalina that is used after students are certified.

Latas said the business is American Sailing Association (ASA) certified and authorized to offer the internationally recognized ASA keelboat certification system. Latas compares Island Bound’s ASA 101 course to getting a learner’s permit.

Many students who enroll in these sailing courses have the goal of taking their friends or family on a sailing vacation.

“You want to be able to at the end of this course take the boat out, stop it, turn it around, bring it back and do that safely,” he said.

Students who complete the ASA 103 course can join Latas on an annual trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands to continue their training.

“When we come back, they can take their friends and family on that type of vacation,” Latas said.

Latas said guests take the sunset sails for a variety of reasons, including photo shoots, engagements and other celebrations. “Mother Nature is still the main source of power,” he said. “When we shut the engine down on a sunset sail because we go out under power, people say, ‘Wow! This is quiet and serene.’ If you have a good clear night, you can see the stars.”