A portion of FM 423 that runs through Frisco now has a lower speed limit.

The Frisco Police Department announced April 15 that FM 423 south of Main Street has been lowered from 55 mph to 50 mph. Enforcement along this corridor began immediately, officials said.

The speed limit was lowered after the city requested in April 2019 the Texas Department of Transportation conduct a speed study on FM 423 south of Main Street. The resulting study found the speed limit should be lowered from 55 mph to 50 mph, according to a city statement. Frisco City Council supported that finding and adopted an ordinance, which was sent to TxDOT for processing and a new sign installation, the statement said.

On March 27 a fatal crash took place at the intersection of FM 423 and Del Webb Boulevard, a police department statement said. The collision involved three vehicles and killed two people.

As a result of the crash, officers have increased presence and enforcement efforts along FM 423, the statement said. The city is also conducting a review of the location, including looking at crash data, sight distance and signal operations.

Police have also deployed a digital sign that displays drivers’ speeds.

“The speed board that we put out there captures information for us to analyze and look at what kind of impact we’re having and when we might want to put officers out there and when our problem times are,” police Chief David Shilson told Frisco City Council on April 20.
Additionally, the city added a protected green arrow to the traffic light for the southbound left turn lane off FM 423 and Del Webb.

Frisco is currently conducting a study that assesses left turn safety across the city. In May, the city will start a pilot study that will use video analytics to help look at driver behavior at select intersections in Frisco, according to the city statement.

If residents see unsafe driving behavior, they can call 911 if it is an emergency or 972-292-6010 for nonemergency situations.
Valerie Wigglesworth contributed to this report.