Frisco’s Public Works Department has included city roadway projects into Waze, a GPS navigation software. The system allows motorists to stay up to date on roadway and lane closures while also offering alternative travel routes, according to Frisco documents.

The integration was made in mid-August. With the update, when a construction order is entered into Frisco’s work log, a message is automatically sent to Waze. Waze then collects the location information from the work order and alerts motorists of the project start date, time indicated on the work order and any possible travel delays, according to Frisco documents.

With the new system, Waze will be able to provide information for items that include the following:

• Concrete repairs;

• Foam injection;

• Joint sealing;

• Pavement replacement;

• Repair brick pavers;

• Road repair for asphalt overlay;

• Road repair for asphalt reconstruction; and

• Road repair for asphalt sealing.

Documents noted that the Waze integration project only applies to city projects and does not apply to lane closures conducted by franchise utilities or projects that are part of private development.

To help the program stay up to date, the city of Frisco’s IT Department will scan the city’s work log about every 30 minutes to check the status of roadway projects. The program then sends the updates straight to Waze.