An iconic fixture located in downtown Frisco could soon see a colorful facelift.

A proposal from the downtown advisory board to install color-changing LED lights onto the historic downtown Frisco water tower was shared with City Council on Feb. 10 during the annual winter work session. The proposal came ahead of major construction projects set to begin later this year in The Rail District.

The intent is to have the tower lit warm white “95% of the time,” a presentation given by city staff stated. City staff recommended displaying “up to four colors at a time,” if plans to light the tower proceed. Instances when the tower would change colors included a high school team winning a state championship and on holidays, the presentation stated.

The city shared images of a similar water tower in Gilbert, Arizona, which featured displays of multiple colors at once.

Two options for lights on the tower were shared with council members. The first would call for lights to be installed only on top of the tower. An estimated cost of $33,300 was given, to be funded from public lease funds from the downtown area.

The second option would also light the legs of the tower. The estimated cost is $43,500.

A process for changing the tower's colors is being considered, according to the presentation.