The latest real estate data for Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant counties is in.

Collin County Area Realtors provides data every month detailing real estate metrics, such as median home sales price, new listings and average days on the market. Read more for a December roundup of real estate data in these four North Texas counties.

By the numbers

Collin and Tarrant counties saw a decrease in median home sales price when compared year over year. Dallas County’s median price increased over 10%, while Denton County’s increased more than 2%.
Average time on the market held steady in Collin and Tarrant counties. Denton County’s real estate market saw a decrease, while Dallas County’s saw an increase.
More than 1,400 homes were listed on the market in Tarrant County in December 2023. More than 1,500 homes were listed in Dallas County. Each county except Tarrant County saw an increase in new listings compared to last year.
Collin County’s real estate market saw 978 homes go under contract in December, a 16% increase from last year. In Dallas County, more than 1,200 homes went under contract, a 14% increase.