What Frisco Police Department Chief David Shilson called a “nationwide trend” of rising driving accidents and fatalities is being reflected on local roads.

Shilson presented traffic enforcement statistics on Feb. 15 in a City Council workshop. In total, 2,000 crashes were reported by the police department, which is a 26% jump from 2019. Shilson said comparing 2021 numbers to 2019 offered a better comparison since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 led to decreased drivers.

“2021 was not the year that any of us had hoped for,” Shilson said.

Among the crashes, 1,324 of them involved an injury in 2021, according to Shilson’s presentation. A total of 11 crashes with fatalities were reported, resulting in 12 deaths.

Shilson said that although recent crash numbers are high for Frisco, crashes are up across the country. In addition, the police chief said a majority of the crashes involve additional criminal charges, such as driving while intoxicated.

“This is consistent with a nationwide trend,” Shilson said. “We’re not unique to this.”

Moving ahead, Shilson said an extra focus will be placed on traffic enforcement in Frisco. Two additional officers are expected to be added to the police traffic unit by May, with an additional officer joining the force by November.

The police department will also heighten enforcement against driving while intoxicated, Shilson said. That paired with more driving education initiatives and community engagement, Shilson said, will hopefully make drivers in Frisco more cautious.

“We want to be very public about where we're going to be focusing our enforcement efforts,” he said. “We don’t want it to be a secret. We want the public to know we’re going to be out there looking for violations on certain roadways.”

Below are charts illustrating recent crash statistics from police.