The city of Frisco is officially connected to Plano via the Six Cities Hike & Bike Trail. Crews recently completed 0.34 miles of trail on the Six Cities Trail connector, which is part of the Collin County Regional Trail Master Plan. The trail connects Frisco to trails in Plano, McKinney, Allen, Richardson and Garland.

“This is a short trail that creates a really big connection, so that’s why it’s so important,” Ricardo Sanchez, Frisco Parks & Recreation senior planner, said in a Frisco news video.

The trail connects to Plano in the southeast corner of the city near Custer Road under the Sam Rayburn Tollway. Residents can access the Taychas Trail at Limestone Quarry Park, located at 1230 Maltby Drive, Frisco, and then head south to find the connection to Plano.

“There was a lot of coordination. It was a really good team effort between city staff, city of Plano, Texas Department of Transportation, North Texas Transit Authority and the public as well,” Sanchez said.

This plan was established in 2001 with the goal of creating a main trail spine that would connect all six of the cities. It was one of the first regional train plans of its type in the state of Texas. The project cost the city an estimated $1.2 million, and a federal grant paid for about 70% of that cost, the news video stated.

Additionally, the trail connection serves as an important piece of the Frisco Hike & Bike Master Plan, which includes a framework for hundreds of miles of trails over the next 20 years, according to the news video. It also includes plans to link existing trails within Frisco and adjacent cities.

“This trail is a really big deal, as it’s going to keep connecting different neighborhood parks and other trails and sidewalks, but through a continuous piece of shared-use path,” Sanchez said.

In a previous interview, Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney said the city has a reputation for encouraging health and wellness activities, which he said is only growing.

“In a post-COVID world, where more people are spending time in their homes, it always increases the need to enjoy our open spaces,” he said.