Meals on Wheels Collin County is on pace to provide 300,000 meals this year to nearly 2,000 seniors.

Each of those meals is designed by a licensed staff dietitian and prepared in the organization’s on-site kitchen. In addition to delivering the meals to homebound seniors and disabled adults throughout the county, Meals on Wheels offers its Seniors Safety Net program. The additional support services provided by that program include access to emergency supplies such as hygiene items, incontinence supplies and pet food.

“We are proud to say we can serve meals to one senior for an entire year at the same cost as just one day in the hospital,” said Michelle Borckardt, the grants manager for Meals on Wheels Collin County, via email. “That makes this program a cost-effective means to promote senior health and wellness.”

Insurance company Globe Life, which is headquartered in Collin County, recently donated its design services as well as its printing and mailing facility to oversee administration of Meals on Wheels’ direct mail campaign. The nonprofit receives about 20% of its funding from the direct mail campaign. Officials said the Globe Life partnership will save Meals on Wheel more than $180,000 per year.

“It only takes one time to deliver a meal to a senior to realize just how important that simple act of kindness can be,” said Jennifer Haworth, the chief marketing officer for Globe Life, in a statement. “It will not only fill you with purpose, but will open your eyes to the true need right here in our community. And if you can’t volunteer, it’s amazing to know that even a small donation is what creates that meal for a hungry senior.”

The Collin County organization has about 1,000 volunteers every month, but Borckardt said finding additional meal delivery volunteers is currently one of its most pressing needs.

“Many of our existing volunteers before the pandemic were retirees because they are available to deliver during the lunch hours,” Borckardt said. “Since these volunteers are also at high risk of developing severe symptoms from COVID-19, many of them are unable to deliver meals until the danger has passed.”

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Borckardt said Meals on Wheels also emphasizes working to combat feelings of isolation among its clients. To that end, the organization collects greeting cards from community members, provides opportunities for social interaction by telephone, helps with technology to connect with others and provides pedal exercisers that help clients’ mobility.
“Unfortunately, loneliness and social isolation among seniors are statistically linked with increased likelihood of depression, dementia, worsened cardiovascular disease, decreased mobility and premature death,” Borckardt said.

Meals on Wheels Collin County

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