Texas Original opened Frisco’s first medical cannabis pickup location in collaboration with OmniLife Wellness on Aug. 25, according to a news release. It is the company’s fourth dispensary to open in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The Frisco location offers pickup for prescriptions from noon to 3 p.m. every Wednesday at OmniLife Wellness, located at 8380 Warren Parkway, Ste. 100. Patients must obtain a medical cannabis prescription from a doctor qualified under Texas’ Compassionate Use Program to pick up a prescription.

Texas Original staff members provide all services related to the pickup location, Texas Original CEO Morris Denton said. Employees coordinate pickups with patients in advance, drive prescriptions to the pickup site in the morning, staff the table within the facility and then drive the remaining inventory back to the Austin facility after the pickup location closes, he said.

Texas Original is a statewide medical cannabis distributor with pickup locations in Houston, San Antonio, Waco, Lubbock and more, according to its website.

The distributor cannot store inventory overnight outside of Austin, Price said.

“With the 2023 legislative session on the horizon, our undivided focus is on increasing access to medical cannabis for thousands more patients—and we won’t let anything distract us from that goal,” Denton said in a statement. “Establishing a broad footprint across North Texas ensures current and future patients can easily and conveniently access their prescriptions.”

The Texas Legislature passed the Compassionate Use Act in 2015, enabling qualified doctors to prescribe low-THC cannabis to patients with specific conditions including epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer or epilepsy, according to the Texas State Law Library. Potential patients can search for qualified doctors via the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas, which is managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Dr. Becky Chandler at OmniLife Wellness in Frisco is qualified to consult with patients and prescribe medical cannabis, according to the registry. There are at least five other doctors in Frisco qualified under the Compassionate Use Program, according to the registry.


Editor's note: The original post has been edited to correct an error. Texas Original CEO Morris Denton said that staff members provide all services related to the pickup location.